Ink Review: Diamine Oxblood

Diamine Oxblood
Pen: TWSBI Mini EF
Paper: Rhodia Dotpad 80gsm

The name "Oxblood" certainly fits this ink.  It is a deep red with hints of brown, which gives it a dried blood look.  It's very popular among fountain pen users, and rightly so.  It's well well behaved on my Rhodia pad, no feathering or bleedthrough.  There is some minor bleedthrough on standard copy paper, but even with that, the feathering is minor for cheap paper.

When I was deciding whether or not to get this ink, I was toying with whether to get Oxblood or Diamine's other popular deep red ink, Red Dragon.  I grabbed a couple sample vials from Goulet Pens to compare. The two inks are very similar, but Oxblood has more brown tones, while Red Dragon is a true, deep red.  Oxblood has fairly low shading, though there is some, while Red Dragon had practically none.  Though I loved Red Dragon, I ultimately chose Oxblood to buy a full bottle of because it had more character on the paper.  Keep a look out for a review of Red Dragon soon!

An 80ml bottle is $12.95 from Goulet Pens or a similar retailer.  Definitely worth adding to your arsenal - it has been my favorite red so far.

Thanks for reading!