Ink Review: Diamine Red Dragon


Diamine Red Dragon
Pen: Lamy Safari EF
Paper: Rhodia Dotpad 80gsm

Diamine Red Dragon was the second contender in my quest to purchase a bottle of red ink.  I ultimately chose Diamine Oxblood over Red Dragon, however that decision shouldn't deter you from this awesome ink.

Red Dragon is a highly saturated deep, vibrant red ink with minimal shading.  Like a lot of Diamine inks, it behaves well on a lot of different papers.  Even on absorbent copy paper, Red Dragon had minimal feathering in my experience.  I tend to really dislike "pinky" reds that have very low saturation and give a "watery" look on the page; Red Dragon is a really great option if you happen to agree with me on that, because it is quite the opposite of a pinky red.

What is unfortunate about the Diamine inks is that they recent underwent a price increase, and a fairly significant one at that.  The 80ml bottles are now $14.95 as opposed to $12.95, so that may very well be a deal breaker for a lot of you.  To me, it's still a lot more affordable than some of the "designer" inks like Iroshizuku and the Pelikan Edelstein line, so I'm willing to spend the $15.  Diamine has a massive variety of color and the properties are awesome, and the large bottle size will last you quite a while.