Ink Review: Rohrer & Klingner Salix


Rohrer & Klingner Salix (Iron Gall)
Pen: Lamy Safari EF
Paper: Rhodia Dotpad 80gsm

Salix is another amazing iron gall ink from the German based ink company Rohrer & Klingner.  It is part 2 of 2 in the "Scabix" mixture that I reviewed recently.  Salix is a muted grey-blue ink after it has hit the air and began to oxidize like all iron gall inks do.  Though, when it first comes out of the pen, it is a more traditional royal blue color.  I am typically not a huge fan of blue inks, however I am a big fan of Salix after it has dried. I love inks that almost look as if they're faded out a bit - this one definitely fits that bill.

Like the other R&K iron gall ink, Scabiosa, Salix is a pretty well behaved ink.  I got a tiny bit more feathering with Salix on cheaper papers than I did with Scabiosa, however on a Rhodia pad there is none.  Dry time is about a second longer than Scabiosa, though the difference is subtle enough to call it the same.  Shading is fairly moderate which was a plus.  

If you're a fan of blue inks and want something permanent with lots of character, go try out Rohrer & Klingner Salix.  You'll thank me later!  You can pick up a bottle from Goulet or a similar retailer for $12.00.