Ink Review: Graf von Faber-Castell Stone Grey


Graf von Faber-Castell Stone Grey
Pen: Kaweco Skyline
Paper: Rhodia Dotpad 80gsm

I stumbled upon the #1 ink in the Perfect Grey Ink countdown without really looking for a better grey than I already had.  I was already perfectly satisfied with Diamine Grey when I decided I wanted to pick up a Kaweco Skyline pen.  I knew that I wouldn't have a suitable converter for that pen, so I decided to grab some ink cartridges for it.  I went to Goulet's site and did a search for standard international cartridges.  I noticed Graf von Faber-Castell Stone Grey, and decided it would go well with my grey Skyline Sport.

When I got my Skyline, I popped in a cartridge and began writing and couldn't believe how much I loved Stone Grey.  It is slightly warmer in tone than Diamine grey and something about it just stood out to me.  I loved the shading, the tone and how well it behaved.  I didn't have the feathering issues I'd had with Lexington Grey, yet the color was extremely close.  Dry time is right in the middle of all the inks I tested at 6 seconds with an EF nib.

If there is a downside to this ink, it is the price.  At Goulet, a 75mL bottle is $30.  Though, as much as I love this ink, I am willing to pay it.  Especially since you get such a big bottle.  The bottle design is awesome as well, so as soon as I run out of my cartridges, I'll be picking one up.

I hope you enjoyed the countdown!  Let me know in the comments or on Twitter what your favorite ink is, grey or otherwise!