Ink Review: Diamine Twilight


Diamine Twilight (Ink Drop - April 2015)
Pen: Lamy EF
Paper: Rhodia Dotpad 80gsm
Shading: low to moderate
Saturation: high
Flow: wet

The second ink in this month's Ink Drop is Diamine Twilight (not Diamine Midnight as subconscious seems to think it should be called).  It is a dark teal color with fairly decent shading.  Being a Diamine ink, it's highly saturated and wet flowing.  It reminds me a lot of De Atramentis Pigeon Blue from last month's Ink Drop - just slightly darker.  It doesn't feather or bleed on my Rhodia pad, and dries moderately quickly at 9 seconds with my Lamy EF nib.

All in all, Twilight is not my favorite ink in the world, but it's still another great ink from Diamine's vast line.  You can pick up am 80mL bottle from Goulet or a similar vendor for $14.95.