SOLD: BamaPen Cigar Box Pen Case

*UPDATE* The box has now been sold!

You may remember I recently did a post about my cigar box pen case that I purchased from John Hubbard at BamaPens.  Well, I actually just bought another box from him which I like even better, and don't have the space for both - so I'm offering up my OSOK 6 pen cigar box pen case for sale to you fine readers!

I've barely used it as you well know since I just got it, so it's in as great condition as it was when I bought it.  John even sent me some rubber feet for the bottom of the box to keep it from slipping, which have been working out nicely.

I'm asking $35 shipped in the US for the box - if you're outside the US and are interested, send me a message and we'll work something out.  Please reach out to me via the Contact form or via Twitter @thedeskoflori

Pens not included

Non-slip feet have since been added