Ink Review: Noodler's Black Swan in English Roses


Noodler's Black Swan in English Roses - May 2015 Ink Drop
Pen: Lamy Al-Star 1.1 stub
Paper: Rhodia Dotpad 80gsm
Shading: moderate to high
Saturation: high
Flow: wet
Dry Time: 20 seconds

The name 'Black Swan in English Roses' is one of the coolest ink names I've seen.  One thing that Nathan Tardiff of Noodler's doesn't lack is creativity, and that shows in this second May Ink Drop sample from Goulet.

Black Swan in English Roses is a deep cherry red that quite aptly resembles the pedal of a red English Rose.  What I love about this ink is that it doesn't sway maroon or pink, but is a true deep red.  Being a Noodlers, is it very saturated and wet flowing, making it rich and eye-catching on the page.

There is quite a bit of shading with my 1.1 stub, which adds to this ink's character.  Dry time was a bit on the high side, though not terrible at 20 seconds.  With a regular F nib, it is right around 11 seconds.  Aside from the ink's awesome deep red color, it is also partially bulletproof, completely forgery resistant, and also partially waterproof.

Compared to some of my other red ink swabs, Black Swan in English Roses most closely resembles Noodler's Antietam, with Diamine Oxblood in close second.  It a bit dustier in swab form, but shows up more brightly on paper.

I really enjoyed Black Swan in English Roses.  I think I would prefer this color over its sister ink, Black Swan in Australian Roses - an ink which has been surrounded by a bit of controversy when it's color formula was changed.  The bulletproof and forge-resistant properties are another big draw.  If you're interested in a bottle for yourself, you can pick it up for $12.50 from Goulet or similar retailers.