Pen Review: Kaweco Liliput & ECO Leather Pouch


Kaweco Liliput - Black
Length Capped: 96mm
Length Posted: 125mm
Length Uncapped: 86mm
Section at Thinnest Point: 7mm
Section at Widest Point: 8mm
Weight w/Cartridge & Cap: 9.6g
Weight w/Cartridge & No Cap: 6.7g
Fast Writing: Keeps up well
Line Variation: None
Upside Down Writing: Scratchy, but it works
Wetness: A bit on the dry side
Pros: Very portable, pocketable, good nib, color & finish options
Cons: Very thin and small, easily lost, may be too thin or light for some

I've been on a tiny hiatus from blogging, mainly from having a bit of writers block coupled with being very busy these past couple of weeks.  I'm very glad to be back in the swing of things and bringing you a review of one of my favorite pens - the Kaweco Liliput.

The Liliput is another wonderful pen from Kaweco, that again pushes the boundaries of what all other pen companies have done.  It's a very tiny and portable fountain pen (and I do mean *tiny*) that's easy to drop in a pocket or a bag on the go.  Despite its tiny build, the pen does post and when it does, it becomes long enough for almost anyone to use comfortably - at least length-wise.  I originally got mine with a F nib, but decided to swap it out with the EF that I had on my Kaweco Sport.  I've decided that I really like the EF Kaweco nibs better - that's just the sweet spot for me.  I've also had far less nib issues with their EF nibs than I have with their F nibs.

The Liliput has a very sleek design with it's "pill shaped" body and rounded ends.  One of my favorite parts of this pen is the Kaweco logo on the top of the cap.  The cap screws to close, and screws to post, which I like.  One downside is it does take a few seconds to unscrew the cap and then screw it back on to post - two full rotations each, so beware of that.  The screw to post functionality gives you a nice secure, and full sized pen when writing.  Of course I use the term "full sized" loosely here, as that is subjective - but it's  definitely useable.  If you were to try and write with this pen unposted - if you could do it at all - you'd become fatigued very quickly.  Kaweco has done a good job designing and engineering this pen to be both portable and functional.

The pen comes in several materials and finishes.  I chose the standard black - it's the cheapest option.  From there, you can choose from silver, brass, brass wave, stainless steel, copper and the infamous fireblue (I REALLY want one of these!).  The weight will vary based on which model you get, so be sure to take that into consideration.  I think some folks would like a little bit of weight added to this very light pen, so if you're one of those people and the price increase is no object, I'd choose the brass or copper versions.


The pen takes short international cartridges, and unfortunately is too small to fit most converters.  The only converter I've been able to fit is the Templar Skinny Mini converter, which is the same size as the SI cartridge.  It holds far less ink, but keeps me from having to buy cartridges and refilling them, so that's a plus.  Keep an eye out for my review on the Skinny Mini very soon (beware, the regular Templar Mini Converter will not fit the Kaweco feeds - more on that soon!).

I've heard many stories of people saying they lost their Kaweco Liliput because it was so small.  This definitely concerned me some when I decided to get one for myself, so I went ahead and added the Kaweco ECO Leather Pouch as well.  I like this pouch a lot because it adds a little bit of substance to the pen when it goes in my bag, so it's easier to find.  It also keeps it from rolling off my desk, which is definitely a plus.  The leather isn't very soft unfortunately, and it has a bit of a "plastic-y" feel to it.  I'm still enjoying using it, but its definitely not what I expected.  Kaweco's brown leather pouch looks to be a little better and softer, so that's an option if you like tan leather (I don't unfortunately).  Nonetheless, it's inexpensive at less than $10, so I can't really complain.  With use, the sleeve form fits to the shape of the pen, making it easy to slide it in and out.  My pen has been completely protected from scratches and dings from day one.

I absolutely love my Kaweco Liliput!  I am going to be tempted to add another to my collection in a different finish - especially the Fireblue.  Despite its size it is very comfortable to use and makes for a nice portable pocket/bag pen.  If you're interested in one for yourself, they range from $55 - $168 depending on the finish.

Thanks for reading!